How does it work?


1.   To get started, you will have to sign up at  Stitch Fix 


2.   Wait for them to contact you. 

When I did it, it took about a week.  I don’t know if it’s longer or shorter now. 


3.   Once they’re ready to style you, you’ll fill out your ‘Style Profile.’ 

For the Style Profile, they will ask you for anything from your weight and height, your preferred price range, colors and patterns you’d like to avoid, occasions that you will wear your clothes, etc. 

They’ll also ask you to characterize your style and style that you would like to be. These styles range from bohemian chic, romantic to classic or casual chic, etc.

Tip: For this part, I’d suggest checking out Stitch Fix’s Pinterest boards to help you understand what they mean by each style.  I found that to be really helpful for me.  What I thought was bohemian chic is apparently not what other people thought.

Tip: One thing I found to be the most helpful in getting my Fix right is my Pinterest board.  There’s a link for you provide your board on your Style Profile.  My Fix improved tremendously after I did this.  If you don’t have a Pinterest board, make one!  It’s fun and addictive!

And for your Style Profile, you can modify it anytime to keep it up-to-date with your current style!


4.   When you’re ready, schedule when you’d like your ‘Fix’ to arrive. 

You do not have to subscribe.  It’s not one of those things that you have to get it once a month or anything.  When you want a Fix, you request one. When they ship out your Fix, they’ll charge you a $20 styling fee.  This fee is nonrefundable, but if you decide to purchase something from your box, this $20 will apply toward your purchase.  Each Fix comes with 5 pieces of clothing and/or jewelry for you to try on.


5.   Get your Fix! Try on the clothes at your home with your own clothes/shoes/accessories.

This is a fun part for me.  Opening the box, seeing what’s in there!  I love trying on the clothes at home with my stuff.  No more trying to figure out in the dressing room if I have something to go with this?  And another fun part, I get feedback from my boyfriend.  And yes, he has a lot of influence on which piece I end up keeping!  So enjoy!  It would totally be fun with a Stitch Fix party with your girlfriends.  Maybe some wine. Don’t spill the wine on the clothes, though! 


6.   Once you decided what you want to keep, check out online and give them feedback to improve your future Fix.  Maybe adjust your Style Profile a bit. 

If your first Fix turned out to be somewhat disappointing, don’t be completely turned off. The feedback that you provide will improve your next Fix.  Trust me.  My box did get better.  The downside is that you will have to risk losing $20 again. But I figured sometimes when I ordered stuff online and returned, I lost that $10 shipping fee.  I know this is $20, not $10.  But I did it because I wanna get a surprise in a box!  


7.  Return what you do not want in the pre-paid envelope Stitch Fix provided you. 

VOILA!  Your first Stitch Fix experience!

What do you think of some of my tips?  Were they helpful to you?  I’d love to know your thoughts!




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