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My fix is coming TOMORROW!

I’m excited to see what will be in my box!

Although my last review was in September, I did get a few fixes after that. I will do retroactive reviews coming up soon!

My last fix was actually in January. I was getting stitch fix overload – my marginal utility started turning negative. 😛 I got bored with it, so I had to take a break from it for a while.

Now I’m ready and excited for some fixes again. I asked my stylist to send me three dresses for the spring. We’ll see what she sent tomorrow. 🙂


10 Reasons Why You Should Get a ‘Fix’

10. Because What Not to Wear was cancelled!  You need new style guidance. (This summer will be their last season! Stacy and Clinton, you guys will forever be in my heart!) 

9. Because (kinda continue from the last one) you deserve to have your very own Stacy and Clinton!  Did you ever wish that you can be on What Not to Wear and have Stacy and Clinton style you?!  This is as close as you can get to have your very own (virtual) stylist at a very affordable price!

8. Shopping is a hassle! Gone were the days when shopping was a recreational activity you do with your girlfriends.  Now with marriage, kids, a full-time job, or marriage-kids-full-time-job, who has time to go shopping?  And even if you find time to go, it’s more like a hassle than fun anyways. 

7. Because shipping is free both ways!  And every time I unfold that priority mail envelope, I feel like I am supporting the U.S. Postal Service somehow. Lol!  

6. Deep down you know that just making Pinterest boards will not make you dress better!   Plus after hours of repining, it’s easier to have someone find you similar clothes from your boards than actually finding them yourself!

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Pretty Prints & Patterns

Recently, I’ve been in a prints & patterns kick. 

But I was in a rut. I wanted something different, but I didn’t know where to find it.  I’ve been to those stores in the mall a thousand times.  Online is not any better, since I can only go to websites that I already know! 

So I figured I’m gonna let Stitch Fix  help me!

Hey, if I’m gonna sign up to have a stylist pick out clothes for me, why not ask for something I can’t find on my own?

There are plenty of Gap stores around here. I want something different!

So in all my fixes, I’d been asking for prints and patterns, please!  

Here’s the roundup of the pretty prints & pattern pieces that Stitch Fix helped me find so far. 

Opal Floral Print top by Greyllin and Tulip top by Collective Concepts!


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In the Beginning,

I’ve always loved fashion.

But that doesn’t mean I knew how to dress myself.  I was one of those people who bought clothes/shoes/accessories in pieces. Then I ended up with lots of things that didn’t go together.  Always wondered how other people did it.  Did they think about how it would go with something they already had before they bought? 

My inability to style was aggravated by my first ‘real’ job. I wore standard black pants and a plain, white dress shirt to work.  

I felt a complete loss of identity!  

I spent countless hours online after work looking for clothes.  But where?  Everything seemed to be either casual college wear or 40′s something power suit. Where’s something in the middle?  Where’s something young, stylish, fun, yet appropriate for work?

I know part of the problem was me!  There are probably plenty of clothes out there that can be styled for my age.  But I don’t know how.  I need help! 

That’s when I serendipitously stumbled upon a blog about Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a fashion styling company that send you happiness in a box!

Each time you request a Fix, they charge $20 styling fee and send you a boxful of mysterious clothes accompanied by styling cards (perfect for me!  And I actually learn from these!), showing how you can style the piece. You keep and pay for what you want and send back the ones you don’t.

In a way I think Stitch Fix is kinda like Netflix for clothes.  But Instead of ‘suggesting’ what movies you might like, they’re trying to predict what kind of clothes you’ll love!

When I knew my Stitch Fix was coming, I’d drive home with butterflies, wondering what surprise was in store for me.

Since October, Stitch Fix has been supplying me with boxes of clothes. And what started out as my quest to dress better for work has morphed into dressing better in general.  I’m no longer just looking for work clothes. I keep getting my Fix because I like surprises in a box!

I’m officially addicted.  I need my Fix NOW!!!