Stitch Fix Review: June 2014

My June Fix was actually fun! The fix has a little of all my styles, which makes me so happy!


‘Dane Beaded Fringe Pendant’ by Zad. Um… this is the one thing I’m not that excited about in this fix. I’ve never really liked any necklaces Stitch Fix sent me. It looks cheap, but the price is not. I might consider it if the price actually reflects the quality!

‘Carlita Mulit Chevron Print Maxi Dress’ by Loveappella. Oh the maxi dress! Love them! You can say that Stitch Fix turned me on to maxi dresses! (The only other maxi dress I own I bought from Stitch Fix.) Maxi dresses make me feel more like a woman – sensual and mature! The print is a little bohemian, a style that I like. Unfortunately, the dress is too big and long for me; there is extra fabric around my tatas.


‘Spensur Striped Jersey Dress’ by Market and Spruce. The navy blue and stripes make me think of something nautical and a little preppy. I’m into a little preppy, but not a lot. The dress is really cute, exactly my style, and fits me perfectly.

‘Jo Maxi Skirt’ by Gili. I don’t own a maxi skirt; I’ve never even tried one on. I tried on this one, and I love it! It makes me feel relaxed, casual, yet sexy. I especially love that when I walk, the skirt sways with me! One concern was the color. A black maxi skirt would be more versatile, but I do love bright colors. I would wear this.

‘Ilene Spaghetti Strap Tie Waist Dress’ by LA MADE. Oh my gosh, when I saw the color of this dress, my stomach got butterflies. I love the sherbet, neon orange thing. But unfortunately, when I tried it on, the dress didn’t fit me right, and I also noticed the top was slightly more faded than the bottom. It looked like two different colors that were really close to each other, which really bothered me.

I ended up keeping the maxi skirt. I like the striped dress too, but not that much to want to keep it. The maxi dress sadly was too big.

I’m satisfied that this fix has a little of all my styles, and the fix really got me excited about maxi dresses/skirts for the summer! I’m happy and in a shopping kick right now, so my July Fix is already on its way!


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review: June 2014

    1. fon Post author

      Hi Joann, thanks! What’s exactly is a Stitch Fix link-up? I clicked on the link, but it didn’t work. I’d love to join!


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