Stitch Fix Review: April 2014

I was so excited about getting my fix back in April. But it turned out to be just ok, and on top of that I accidentally deleted all the pics that I took!!

Why was my fix just ok?

Well, first off I noticed that 4 out of 5 pieces in my fix were by 41Hawthorn. I was quite turned off by that. I prefer to see variety of brands in my fix, not just one. After trying them on, all of the 41Hawthorns were too big for me, which added to my agitation. If it had been variety of brands, there would be more variety of sizing. If one brand didn’t fit, the other one might work for me. Now four of them were out.

The good news is the THML dress  fits me like a glove.

Since I deleted all the pictures, I just took a picture of the styling card instead.

(By the way, I like that they stopped attaching the styling card to the clothes. It always got tangled and in the way when I was trying on the clothes. Plus I like that I can keep how they style other pieces for reference.)



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