August & September Stitch Fix Review (part II)

Get ready people, I’m going into politics!  …as a politician’s wife!  😛


This dress! – ‘Olive Fit and Flare Ponte Dress’ by Black Swan. This dress makes me feel like I should be standing on the side of a stage and clapping or something.  Not that I think girls can only be on the side of the stage, but this dress makes me feel more like a politician’s wife than a politician!  It’s a cute dress though.  I love and adore the cut.  But this solid, bright red makes me feel very red, white and blue!  Or it might be good for a Christmas party? What do you think? The dress also has a very thick fabric. I live in Florida and it still reaches 90 degrees some days. I don’t know if it will get cool enough for me to wear this!  I know it’s fall fashion now, but I wish my stylist would take my geography into consideration.

I love the cut and fit though, but I don’t love what it reminds me of.  Any thoughts on the dress?  Does it remind you of politics?  Should I keep it?

So here’s the rest of my September fix.



Karisa Riding Blazer by 41Hawthorn.  I just bought a blazer from my last fix, so no, I’m not in the market for another one for a while.  Plus this shade of green is so not my style!


Mario Colorblock Exposed Zipper Dress by Pink Martini.  Um… it’s cute.  But I’m not excited about this one at all.  It looks like something I would find at Francesca’s at my local mall.



Esten Sleeveless Blouse by Collective Concepts.  Yellow is my fav color, but I’m not quite sure about this shade.  I’ve never been a big fan of fall shades.  They’re more subdued, and I like things more vivid and bright!  I don’t absolutely hate it, so I’m willing to try this one.  I tried it on with a few of my clothes.  What do you guys think?


Harriet Chevron Dress by Honey Punch.  It’s a cute dress.  But again it really reminds me of something I’d find at Francesca’s.  So I’m not super excited about it.

This fix is quite far from what I feel I’d like though.  Some of my past fixes felt like they were spot on!  Like… I opened the box to my own closet or what I want my closet to be or something!  The three pieces in this fix I didn’t even have to think twice about.  Normally I’d have a hard time trying not to spend too much!  I don’t know what went wrong with this one. 😦

I haven’t really made up my mind on what to keep.  I’ll probably mail them back tomorrow.  Should I keep the yellow top or the red dress?  Or nothing at all?  Any thoughts?  🙂


6 thoughts on “August & September Stitch Fix Review (part II)

  1. Pretty in the East

    Hey there! Great post! Sorry you didn’t love this box. I think the red dress could work with a cardigan and a statement necklace! The yellow top looks great on you its just the shade of yellow like you said. Not terrible though. I just received and reviewed my fist stitch fix on my blog if you want to check it out! My second is due to arrive September 20th and ill be sure to post pics of everything this time instead of just what I keep! I am completely obsessed with this service it is so unique and so much fun! xX

    1. fon Post author

      Thanks for your input! 🙂 I really like the red dress, but not sure if I will ever have a chance to wear it. I’m obsessed with them too. It’s so much fun. I like getting a box full of clothes! Can’t wait to check out what you will get in your second box! 🙂

  2. Meg Garman

    I hope you kept the red dress.. It looks super cute on you! I don’t think it looks like a politicians wife. It looks really elegant on you! I got the same dress in my Stitch Fix, but it was too short on me.

    1. fon Post author

      Thank you, Meg! Sorry for the late reply, just checked my blog today! As much as I made fun of the dress, I ended up keeping it. Maybe there will be a Christmas party I can wear this to. 🙂

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  4. Jennifer Naumann

    You looked amazing in the red dress! I think it may be more versatile than you realize. Hope you kept it. 🙂


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