August & September Stitch Fix Review (part I)

I’m baacckk!!

After some confusing and unhappy times (my July rambling), I made some changes to my life.  Hopefully, it‘s for the better (not worse!), but who knows? – we’ll have to wait and see. :p  In the meantime, I have been away from blogging and I owe you guys two Stitch Fix reviews!

So here’s my last month’s fix.



Pink Martini ‘Luke Tribal Print Floral Pocket Tank’, $48.  I love tribal print, but I’m not crazy about this one. The fit of this top is a little too loose on me.  I did buy something with this kind of cut in the past, but I’m kind of over it now.  Well, my taste changed!  So I was not excited about this one!


‘Justine Knit Blazer’ by Tart, $98.  I already have a basic black blaze. The one I have is more structured; it’s a ¾ sleeve and cuts above my waist. I’ve been kind of looking for another one in different length and cut. I looked at Zara and H&M, but didn’t find anything I like. This one they sent is pretty cute.  It’s knit, so it’s all stretchy and comfy.  Since it’s stretchy, I can roll the sleeves up and move around.


‘Marcus Chambray Dot Print Dress’ by Velvet Heart, $118.  I adore this dress.  I’m not normally attracted to jean dresses, but when I tried this one on, it was so cute!  I really love the cut on me and that little dots print is so cute! This dress really turned me on to jean dresses.  Now I’m on the lookout for more!


 ‘Laurel Striped ¾ Sleeve Jersey Top’ by Kut from the Kloth.  I love striped tops and dresses. This top was in the running until my boyfriend pointed out that it makes me look like a Hamburglar!  Haha… and he was right!  I just need to add the cape!  So that that was the end of that!

White Blouse by Under Skies

White Blouse by Under Skies

‘Kohl Tulip Sleeves Chain Detail Top’ by Under Skies, $48.  I really like this top.  The little detail in the front adds some kind of visual interest. I’m not too crazy about the tulip sleeves though, but I know that a white top will be pretty versatile, and I thought the weird-shaped tail is kinda cute actually.

In this fix, I actually went back and forth between the Tart blazer vs. Velvet Heart dress. They’re both pretty pricey, so keeping both of them is out of the question!  Just one is pushing it!  I did consider the white top a bit, but the problem was I don’t really have any jewelry to go with it. I don’t’ feel like going out and finding new jewelry!

I ended up with the blazer because I was just in love with the stretchy material and how comfortable it is. It’ll be my casual blazer that I’ll just throw on with anything. Plus we’re planning a trip to Italy this fall. The thought of wearing it on the trip kinda sold me here.

Overall though, this fix was just ok.  Although I ended up pretty happy with the blazer, when I opened the box and laid out the pieces, it looked a little boring to me.  My past fixes (Fix#9, Fix#10, Fix#11) were a whole lot more fun.  I like to open a box to an implosion of colors and patterns!  That’s one of the things I like about using Stitch Fix – I like getting colorful, quirky things!

I just got my September fix on Monday, August & September Stitch Fix Review (part II) is coming by end of week! 🙂


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