July Stitch Fix and a Little Rambling

Argghh…  I’ve been really bad at updating the blog!  Why, you might ask? 

Well, the truth is (this is about to get into a real intimate, what-blogs-were-originally-meant-to-be moment here) I’ve been kinda down.  And what have I been so down about? It’s just a little bit of this economy and a lot of my job.  I do have a job, which some would probably say I should be glad about. I know, I know, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I am under-employed! A lot of my young co-workers are, and apparently so are a lot of people out there. Underemployment leads to boredom and disengagement.  Doing that day in and day out, you start to forget what you can actually accomplish and lose confidence and feel undervalued. I had tried to focus on positivity and things that I like outside of work (i.e. figure skating, fashion, Pinterest, and this blog).  But after a while, the negativity from my day seeps into my positive parts instead of the other way around like I intended. Overall, I know my situation is not that bad, but I still feel undervalued.  I’m not even looking for a new job.  My first experience in Corporate America leaves me with a bad taste.  You’re at best a task, at worst a seat warmer!  I can go on and on about this.  But maybe that’s a topic for another blog? 🙂

Anyways, back to fun things like Stitch Fix review, shall we? 🙂

So I got my July fix, and here’s what came in the box!  When I opened it up I saw that red top – gasp!  So cute!


July 2013 Fix


So the first piece is this red, ladybug top by Sugarhill Boutique, $48.  I really love the idea of this top!  Red & ladybug – so so cute!  Look at that detail on the collar!  Unfortunately, since it’s sheer, I had to layer it.  And I think because it’s red, I couldn’t get it to look right with either a white or black tank underneath.  Too bad, I had to let this one go.  But I did comment on my check-out how much I love it, and please if there’s anything like that again, please, please send it my way!  It’s so cute


Next is Justin Floral Print by Hourglass Lilly, $48.  This top would be really versatile –easy to dress it for work or pair with shorts for the weekend.  I bought a top by Hourglass Lilly before, and I kinda like how comfortable it is.  But this one is just ok.  It’s cute, but I don’t feel super excited about it or anything.


The next one is ‘Sutter Graphic Print’ dress by Sugarlips, $58.  This dress actually reminds me of a dress they sent me before – quirky orange print on a black background. This dress is cute, but it’s just ok.


The piece is this ‘Tristan Embroidered Short Sleeve’ top by Willow and Clay, $78.  I really like the embroidery – really pretty!  The styling card suggests pairing it with a cognac purse. I have a cognac, leather crossbody, and I am a sucker for anything that can be paired with it!  Throw on a pair of jeans shorts and some sandals – effortless boho chic!


The last one from this fix is ‘Jeanie Geo Print Side Gathered’ tank by Tart, $78.  On the hanger, the picture doesn’t do it justice.  It really fits me like a glove. 

Overall, this Fix is fun, but not like pique-my-imagination- and-whimsical-side kind of fun.  I guess it’s not colorful enough.  I know my last fix, I kinda of complained about how it was too colorful or something.  Sigh…  I don’t even know what I’m saying most of the time.  My mind is fickle (my boyfriend can attest to this)!

Anyway, so I ended up keeping the Geo Print top.  I was really debating between that and the embroidered boho top.  And look at the price, I can’t keep both!  It really comes down to the fact that I feel like the Geo top will be more versatile for me. I probably can wear it in many different ways.  So there you go!  My July Fix! 🙂


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