Stitch Fix Review: June 2013 Fix #11

Hello Blog!  Haven’t updated you for almost a month (yikes!).  I’m sorry and I promise to be better to you next time! You’re like a little plant that needs a lot of attention, aren’t you? 🙂

Just an update on my last fix, I ended up keeping one piece – this maxi dress!


I was debating so hard between the maxi dress and the chevron dress.  But I try to keep only one piece per fix – the rule that I read about from kissofjoy’s blog.  It’s a good idea!  This way I get to do it more often, but my wallet won’t spin out of control! 

Anywho, here is my June fix! 



This fix is so colorful as always.  But the thing about it is that when I first saw it, I felt it was a little bit too much me or something?  Can something be too much you?  I guess I feel like it’s the me that I’ve been trying to evolve from?? 


First is ‘Drea Printed Wrap Dress’ by Max and Cleo, $88.  This dress is like explosion of colors! It is something that I would have jumped to try on in the past. But I’m not super excited about it right now. 


Next is ‘Lorrie Cotton Tabsleeve Shirtdress’ by Sanctuary, $108.  Ok, this one is something that I would never wear.  It’s this jean-like appearance that turns me off.  I can imagine something like this totally chic on someone.  But just not me!   


The next one is ‘Hamet Crochet Detail Hi-Lo Tank’ by Willow and Clay, $78.  Yikes!  I feel like I’m wearing a PJ!  The material is really comfortable though, thus a PJ!! This one is not gonna work for me. 


Next is ‘Layla Crochet Detail Collared Tank’ by Aryn K, $68.  I love the cut-out on this top!  I didn’t know that I like cut-outs before, but Stitch Fix keeps sending them to me, and I keep liking them!  Not too crazy about the color.  Maybe too bright? 

Finally, it’s ‘Lillian Bird Print Pleated Skirt’ by Darling, $78 (in picture above).  Again the bird print!  This is like the .. oh I don’t know 4th or 5th bird print Stitch Fix sent me!  I never thought that I liked birds or bird print before, but I keep buying the bird prints they send me! It’s like they know that I like it without me knowing that I like it???  LOL! I might have to tell them no more bird print though before I become a bird lady!

So the skirt is the one that I kept!  It wasn’t that hard to decide which one item to keep on this fix. 

As I’m writing this, I’m getting a little excited about what’s gonna be in my next fix!  But I’ll have to wait til July


7 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review: June 2013 Fix #11

  1. di @ life of di.

    I LOVE the Maxi Dress that you kept from your last fix. I’m not sure why but you get WAAAY cuter things in your fixes than I do. I have hated everything in my last two fixes. It’s frustrating! As for the Cotton Tabsleeve Shirtdress- I really love that one but I know what you mean about something not being specific to your style. Sometimes you just have to pass 🙂 My ‘fix’ should arrive today or tomorrow 🙂

    1. fon Post author

      Hi Di! Have you tried giving them your Pinterest board? It’s just my theory, but my fix seemed to improve a lot after that. And then I did have some up and down fixes. Only recently did my fix get really good. I think it’s also the length of time too. As they collect more info, it seems to get better! Can’t wait to check out ur fix! Hope u get a good one this time! 🙂

      1. di @ life of di.

        I just got my ‘fix’ and I LOVED every piece in it. Unfortunately the whole thing would be 238$ if I were to keep it all. I’m not sure if I can bring myself to spend that much on clothing right now!

      2. fon Post author

        Cool! Glad u loved ur fix! When u get something great, it’s hard not to splurge, isn’t it? :). Can’t wait to see ur post on it!

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