10 Reasons Why You Should Get a ‘Fix’

10. Because What Not to Wear was cancelled!  You need new style guidance. (This summer will be their last season! Stacy and Clinton, you guys will forever be in my heart!) 

9. Because (kinda continue from the last one) you deserve to have your very own Stacy and Clinton!  Did you ever wish that you can be on What Not to Wear and have Stacy and Clinton style you?!  This is as close as you can get to have your very own (virtual) stylist at a very affordable price!

8. Shopping is a hassle! Gone were the days when shopping was a recreational activity you do with your girlfriends.  Now with marriage, kids, a full-time job, or marriage-kids-full-time-job, who has time to go shopping?  And even if you find time to go, it’s more like a hassle than fun anyways. 

7. Because shipping is free both ways!  And every time I unfold that priority mail envelope, I feel like I am supporting the U.S. Postal Service somehow. Lol!  

6. Deep down you know that just making Pinterest boards will not make you dress better!   Plus after hours of repining, it’s easier to have someone find you similar clothes from your boards than actually finding them yourself!

5. You get to try on the clothes at home with your own stuff!  It’s hard to visualize in the dressing room sometimes how this will go with what you already have.  Getting a Fix will get rid of that problem.  And it might make your realize how versatile your wardrobe already is!

4. Because you wonder if there will be another human being in this world that will truly understand your style!

3. An excuse to fulfill your dream of becoming a model.  Since you get to try on these clothes at home, you can unabashedly ask your husband, boyfriend, friends, etc to watch you strut up and down the living room under the pretense that you need their opinions on which pieces to keep!  (To husbands/boyfriends, this means no more waiting at the mall, playing on your smart phones!)

2. Because you’re tired of shopping at your local mall! Ask yourself, how long have you been shopping at these stores?  No matter what new city you move to, they are there – GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Express, Ann Taylor, Loft, etc.  They make great clothes. But I’ve been shopping at these stores for years!  It’s time to try something different (Stitch Fix will introduce you to up-and-coming brands and designers), don’t you think? 

1.5 (This one is actually what I wish will happen) Remember in Clueless, when Cher woke up and browsed through her computer to get the outfit for the day? Maybe one day we can download the pieces from Stitch Fix styling cards and build our very own virtual wardrobe to mix and match!  If this become true, it will definitely be the #1 reason!

1. Surprise!  There’s a package for you!  Who doesn’t love getting a boxful of delightful surprises!



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