Stitch Fix Review: May 2013 Fix #10

So here is my Fix #10!  (Also check out what I got for my Fix #9!)



‘Jackie Cotton Ikat Pencil Skirt’ by Downeast

First up in my fix is ‘Jackie Cotton Ikat Pencil Skirt’ by Downeast, $48. Ok, the color and pattern of this skirt is me to the tee!  Unfortunately, it is once again too long.   I’m short.  I need to wear skirts that are above my knees, otherwise I’ll look like a kid playing dress up!  I’ve been having this problem lately. I told them before that I need my dress and skirt to be a certain length.  It seems like height should be part of the styling process, right? 


‘Charlotte Chevron Print Belted Dress’ by Tulle

Next is ‘Charlotte Chevron Print Belted Dress’ by Tulle, $58.  It is sooo adorable, whimsical, and cute! I felt like I should work in a candy store when I first put this on. My boyfriend thought it’s cute, but he said it kinda gives him vertigo!  Lol! Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me right.  I have this extra space in the chest area – this is my common problem with clothes!


‘Kahlo Racer Back Striped Maxi Dress’ by THML

Next is this laid-back ‘Kahlo Racer Back Striped Maxi Dress’ by THML, $78. It’s soft and stretchy and super comfortable. This would be a perfect summer/beach dress! I can already see myself walking on the beach wearing this (oh gosh). This one is my boyfriend’s favorite!


The next piece is this lovely ‘Jacen Neck-Tie Cut-Out Printed Tank’ by Tulle, $58. What makes it so lovely is this cut-out in the back.  Gasp!  I fell in love with it.  The print is this little quirky cute thing. But you can’t really tell what it is when you actually wear it. I tried this top with a black skirt for work, and it is sooo cute.  But I couldn’t figure out how else to style it, and I want to be able to wear this for both work and play! 


‘Pyramid Rhinestone Charm Necklace’ by 41Hawthorn

The final piece is a necklace – ‘Pyramid Rhinestone Charm’ by 41Hawthorn, $28.  It’s so small.  It’s actually cute when I pair this with the Tulle top above.  But overall, I don’t think I’d really get much use out of this necklace.  It’s cute, but I’m not crazy about it. 

Overall, it was fun, although a few pieces didn’t quite fit me right.  I still don’t have a final decision, and I’m gonna have to return these soon!  Can’t make up my mind!  My boyfriend’s ranking: Maxi Dress, Chevron Dress (even though it didn’t quite fit), Cut-Out top.  Skirt didn’t fit at all, and he could care less about the necklace!  What do you think? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review: May 2013 Fix #10

  1. robovixen

    I agree about the height being part of Stitch Fix’s process. I have the opposite problem- I let them know that I’m tall and some of the tops they’ve sent are still way too short on my torso!

    1. fon Post author

      I know, right! It seems like height would be really easy to get right before body shape and other stuff! I hope they’ll get better with this. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. fon Post author

      Hi Tracey! Thanks for stopping by! Hemming it did crossed my mind. lol. I’m still trying to decide which one to keep. Have to let some go because I’m trying to be good with spending!

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