Stitch Fix Review: Apil 2013 Fix #9

Stitch Fix #9 is here!  

And when I opened the box, so is spring!  They did good with this box (definitely one of my top 2 favorites!). 

So colorful!  And these prints are gorgeous!




First piece is ‘August Sheer Detail Tank Top’ by LoveMarks, $48.  The front has this interesting pattern.  My boyfriend says it looks Egyptian.  The back is yellow, which is my fav color!   I adore this top.  It’s everything I like – tank top, interesting print, and yellow!  I think Stitch Fix is slowly nailing my preferences down!  I have bought a few racerback tops from them in the past and shared with them that my favorite color is yellow.  I can kinda see why they sent me this top.


Next is ‘Patsy Paisley Print Button-Up Tank’ by 19 Cooper, $58.  I liked the print when I saw it.  Unfortunately when I put it on me, it just didn’t look right.  I think it looks too busy or something.  But the pattern itself is cute!


The third piece is ‘Ayden High-Low Sheer Button-Up Tank’ by Halseyan, $48.  I fell in love with this shade of blue. It’s so gorgeous. But I’m not feeling this black tail, and it is way too long.  Long is always good for tucking.  But at this length I don’t think I will have enough room to tuck into!


Next is ‘Chandler Floral Print Dress’ by MM Couture, $78.  The funny thing is I used to have a scarf with a similar pattern!  I wish this dress would fit me right. I adore the shape of the skirt! Unfortunately, the dress is too big and long.  I think I can pull off this ‘Tulip’ skirt if it’s smaller.


Finally, the last piece is ‘Ivy Sheer Tulip Print V-Neck Blouse’ by Collective Concepts, $78.  It has this adorable tulip pattern.  So fun and whimsical! The styling card suggested pairing it with a cognac purse. I tried it with cognac platforms I have. Oh so adorable!  

Overall, I had so much fun with this box!  It’s so whimsical! Thank you Stitch Fix!  I’m torn between the ‘Egyptian’ and Tulip top.  I’m trying to cut back on shopping and live on a budget.  I keep going back and forth between which one to keep!

Check out how I style my purchase from this Fix!


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