July 2014 Stitch Fix Review and Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I got my July Fix. It was very red, white, and blue!

I asked for 5 dresses (including 2 maxi dresses!) in this fix, and here they are.


 ‘Andrea French Terry Striped Shift Dress’ by Tart. Do I like red stripes?  Yes and this dress would be perfect if I was looking for a 4th of July outfit, but I wasn’t.  Plus, it seems too simple for the price.


‘Fiona Embroidery Detail Striped Maxi Dress’ by Pomelo. Yay maxi dress! My stylist suggested wearing it with wedges, since it’s probably a little too long for me, which it is. Well, the problem is when walking in heels in a maxi dress, I feel like I’m gonna step on the dress and trip over.  The top part of the dress is lace – interesting mix. The cut of this dress is so flattering though. Continue reading


Stitch Fix Review: June 2014

My June Fix was actually fun! The fix has a little of all my styles, which makes me so happy!


‘Dane Beaded Fringe Pendant’ by Zad. Um… this is the one thing I’m not that excited about in this fix. I’ve never really liked any necklaces Stitch Fix sent me. Continue reading

My fix is coming TOMORROW!

I’m excited to see what will be in my box!

Although my last review was in September, I did get a few fixes after that. I will do retroactive reviews coming up soon!

My last fix was actually in January. I was getting stitch fix overload – my marginal utility started turning negative. 😛 I got bored with it, so I had to take a break from it for a while.

Now I’m ready and excited for some fixes again. I asked my stylist to send me three dresses for the spring. We’ll see what she sent tomorrow. 🙂

August & September Stitch Fix Review (part II)

Get ready people, I’m going into politics!  …as a politician’s wife!  😛


This dress! – ‘Olive Fit and Flare Ponte Dress’ by Black Swan. This dress makes me feel like I should be standing on the side of a stage and clapping or something.  Not that I think girls can only be on the side of the stage, but this dress makes me feel more like a politician’s wife than a politician!  It’s a cute dress though.  I love and adore the cut.  But this solid, bright red makes me feel very red, white and blue!  Or it might be good for a Christmas party? What do you think? The dress also has a very thick fabric. Continue reading

August & September Stitch Fix Review (part I)

I’m baacckk!!

After some confusing and unhappy times (my July rambling), I made some changes to my life.  Hopefully, it‘s for the better (not worse!), but who knows? – we’ll have to wait and see. :p  In the meantime, I have been away from blogging and I owe you guys two Stitch Fix reviews!

So here’s my last month’s fix.


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July Stitch Fix and a Little Rambling

Argghh…  I’ve been really bad at updating the blog!  Why, you might ask? 

Well, the truth is (this is about to get into a real intimate, what-blogs-were-originally-meant-to-be moment here) I’ve been kinda down.  And what have I been so down about? It’s just a little bit of this economy and a lot of my job.  I do have a job, which some would probably say I should be glad about. I know, I know, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I am under-employed! A lot of my young co-workers are, and apparently so are a lot of people out there. Underemployment leads to boredom and disengagement.  Doing that day in and day out, you start to forget what you can actually accomplish and lose confidence and feel undervalued. I had tried to focus on positivity and things that I like outside of work (i.e. figure skating, fashion, Pinterest, and this blog).  But after a while, the negativity from my day seeps into my positive parts instead of the other way around like I intended. Overall, I know my situation is not that bad, but I still feel undervalued.  I’m not even looking for a new job.  My first experience in Corporate America leaves me with a bad taste.  You’re at best a task, at worst a seat warmer!  I can go on and on about this.  But maybe that’s a topic for another blog? 🙂

Anyways, back to fun things like Stitch Fix review, shall we? 🙂

So I got my July fix, and here’s what came in the box!  When I opened it up I saw that red top – gasp!  So cute!


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Stitch Fix Review: June 2013 Fix #11

Hello Blog!  Haven’t updated you for almost a month (yikes!).  I’m sorry and I promise to be better to you next time! You’re like a little plant that needs a lot of attention, aren’t you? 🙂

Just an update on my last fix, I ended up keeping one piece – this maxi dress!


I was debating so hard between the maxi dress and the chevron dress.  But I try to keep only one piece per fix – the rule that I read about from kissofjoy’s blog.  It’s a good idea!  This way I get to do it more often, but my wallet won’t spin out of control! 

Anywho, here is my June fix! 


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10 Reasons Why You Should Get a ‘Fix’

10. Because What Not to Wear was cancelled!  You need new style guidance. (This summer will be their last season! Stacy and Clinton, you guys will forever be in my heart!) 

9. Because (kinda continue from the last one) you deserve to have your very own Stacy and Clinton!  Did you ever wish that you can be on What Not to Wear and have Stacy and Clinton style you?!  This is as close as you can get to have your very own (virtual) stylist at a very affordable price!

8. Shopping is a hassle! Gone were the days when shopping was a recreational activity you do with your girlfriends.  Now with marriage, kids, a full-time job, or marriage-kids-full-time-job, who has time to go shopping?  And even if you find time to go, it’s more like a hassle than fun anyways. 

7. Because shipping is free both ways!  And every time I unfold that priority mail envelope, I feel like I am supporting the U.S. Postal Service somehow. Lol!  

6. Deep down you know that just making Pinterest boards will not make you dress better!   Plus after hours of repining, it’s easier to have someone find you similar clothes from your boards than actually finding them yourself!

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